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What you won't find on our website are a bunch of ads and sales for computers, laptops and everything else. Why? Because specializes in truly personalized service and Build-On-Demand Computers which results in everyone saving. Costs for computer hardware change rapidly so stocking things today can result in very quickly outdated or obsolete parts that someone gets pinched for.

So here you get what you need when you need it quickly and at the best price possible. We don't markup computer parts and software. Instead, we have set rates for select services and pass on 100% cost pricing for components and software to our clients. This is just one way you SAVE BIG with us. Another great savings point is in warranty. Retail outlets or Big Box stores offer a one year standard warranty on computers and hit you for expensive extended warranties. Here you get the Full Manufacturer's Warranty on each component at NO extra charge.

Desktop Computers


Where to begin? You need a business machine? Something for school or family use? Maybe a crazy gaming machine? Whatever you require, we will configure and build it to your precise need.

Only the very best components by leading manufacturers will be suggested but we will build for any purpose and work with you if you have your own configuration in mind.

It's not about throwing a bunch of parts together in a box. Almost anyone can do that. It's about how everything combined is configured and optimized that will make it perform perfectly.

Laptops / Notebooks


Laptops / Notebooks come in many different sizes, performance levels, specifications and prices. Today, some high-end laptops outperform or can completely replace desktop computers.

If mobility is not an issue, a good desktop system will offer you more in terms of power, storage capacity, screen real estate and upgrade options.

With the right laptop you can do everything from graphic intense gaming to running full blown 3D applications, multi-track audio recording and HD video editing. Let's talk when you're ready! recommends ASUS Desktops & Laptops



These little buggers can be great or a nightmare if they are not setup or operating correctly. With all the updates, apps, background running processes and security issues going on, most people are usually only getting about 60% of the performance output from their tablet.

All tablets, computers and laptops come pre-loaded wit useless software (Bloatware) that can be either removed or optimized to prevent performance degradation of the device.

We can get your new or existing tablet, phone, computer or laptop rocking like never before while making it even safer to use.

Remote PC Support


There are thousands of "Tech Support Companies" out there taking your money for a one time support fee or for subscriptions costing hundreds of dollars. Most of these companies are either outright frauds or employ individuals that know very little or nothing about computers. Don't become a victim. Talk to us FIRST.

We can solve your issue or you pay nothing!

Visit our site today for more information and instant support or to schedule a remote support session with one of our agents for a time that works best for you. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Computers For Business

Business Discounts

Large or small business owner? Let us help replace or upgrade your equipment and save you money at the same time. We can supercharge and secure new and existing systems like you never imagined.

Computers For Students

Student Discounts

Ahhh. The little ones. We have them too! Contact us today to find out how we can help provide awesome equipment and keep them safe from online trouble. Peace of mind is a beautiful thing when you have systems setup right!

Hardware Manufacturers

Asus - Intel - AMD - Samsung - Kingston - OCZ - LG Electronics - Dell - Canon - HP - Western Digital - Toshiba - Logitech - Brother - Seagate - D-Link - Linksys - Antec - Lexmark - Sony - Apple - Gigabyte - Corsair - Thermaltake - EVGA - nVidia - ATi - Sandisk - XPG - Crucial - MSi - ASRock - Epson - ViewSonic - BenQ - Philips - Cooler Master - NZXT - Fractal Design - Lian Li - And More ...


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